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Banks and Gateways - Credit Card Method

Each bank and gateway require unique information to integrate with a shopping cart. Whilst the standard integration has been done already, you are still required to enter your personal account information to the payment method you select in order to accept credit card payments.

Banks and gateways accept real-time payments, so the customers credit card is charged instantly and the money deposited to your account soon after.


You must contact your bank or gateway provider to set up an account first, it must also be the same account type as we currently have integrated.

Below is a generic example of what may be required when setting up a bank or gateway payment method in your admin panel. (each method is different)

Client ID 
Transaction key code
Display name

Enter the information you were given by your bank or gateway provider. You may also be required to provide details back to your bank or gateway, these details will be listed on each payment method. If you have any difficulties in understanding what to do, please contact a support representative today.

Payment Specific Details


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