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WYSIWYG Editor (Rich Text Editor)

Your admin console is equipped with what is commonly known as a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. This is more formerly known as a Rich Text Editor. This editor is placed into any admin page which requires custom text, tables, fonts, images etc to be added, e.g. a content page such as 'About Us' or a product description. The Rich Text Editor (RTE) is very similar to using Microsoft Word or your own favorite text editor. Simply type, change fonts, headings, colours, upload images, select layouts, enter tables and so on. Each tool or feature is a small clickable icon, see below for the screen capture.

The RTE is a 100% customizable editor also allowing you to add your own HTML code to a page for design purposes. In "source" mode, you can enter HTML, Java and CSS to create virtually any content and display you desire. Your code can be simply copied and pasted from any HTML LAYOUT program such asMacromedia DreamweaverMicrosoft Frontpage or similar. 

When you are viewing the HTML in SOURCE mode, just click the mouse to the text area you wish to place your HTML and paste there, then press the “Source” button again to see your HTML converted to a storefront view that you created.

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