Working With Grids

A Grid is a table layout used in many of your administration pages to list content in an easy to manage format.

The Grid layout will commonly be made up of rows (used for each page name, product name, template name etc) and columns (used to identify or manage the content within each of your rows, e.g. stock levels, sort order, price etc).

Most grid pages such as Products and Customers have features which can be edited directly without entering the edit page of each listing. Of course not all functions can be edited from the grid such as image management or variant stock control since this would require more information than can be managed from a single row.

Some editable features have drop down boxes, buttons and some are just text fields to change prices or stock levels. 

Editing directly from the grid

To Edit the value in a feature such as Price, simply click on the value using your cursor and it will change to edit mode. You can then type within the field to modify the price. 

Other functions using buttons or drop down boxes only require you to click once on the button or box to select the change from premade options.


Once you click a button or outside the field it will hold the new value and place a small mark in the top left corner to identify a changed field. This does not mean it is saved. You must always click the SAVE button at the base of the page to apply changes.



The grid results are often managed by a search tool located in the top right corner to help filter down to more accurate results as you type. As you enter the keywords, wait 1 second and the grid results will upgrade to reflect your search. This is available for the Products, Customers and Order grids. 

Other Grids such as on the Newsletter templates and product reviews have simple menu links to filter the grid listings.

Adding New Columns

By clicking on the spanner / wrench on the right hand side, a drop down menu will appear for more selections. Tick or untick column title from the list to add or remove them.

Changing Sort Order

By hovering your mouse cursor over the column title bar, you can select to sort the list order by ascending or descending.


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