Combining Variant Groups

Combining variant groups such as size and colour is a useful way of accurately managing stock for variant combinations e.g. stock levels for a blue, size 38 tshirt. You can combine up to three variant groups.

Variant Group Hierarchy

When you combine variant groups, the product page on your storefront will display the variants available in order of hierarchy. e.g. If you choose size to be the main group and then color and then sleeve length, your customer would first choose the size, then the color and finally the length.

How hierarchy and stock levels relate

Each level you go down can have different variants available to the customer depending on the stock. e.g. If the customer chooses size 38, they may only have the option to choose red and green. Whereas if they choose size 40, then you may have green and blue available. This is managed by entering the stock available for each individual variant.

To combine a variant group

First click on the "Combine Variants" button at the top of the page. This will open a new window with a full list of all your available variant groups you have already added.

You can enter a name for this combination for easier reference, however this will not display on your storefront. Your storefront will only show each variant group names that you are combining. If no name is entered here, then the system will automatically provide one made up of the variant group titles.

Now select up to three of your variant groups from the list provided. You can either double click on the names or click once and then press the 'right arrow' to send it over to the right column which lists your selected group names.

Add variant groups in order of hierarchy. This is the order in which your variant groups will appear on your storefront.

Once your combination has been saved, you will see it from the left menu panel. Click on it to edit further.

Creating Combined Variants 

Editing Combined Variant Groups

You can edit a combined variant group in the same way as a standard variant group. Each possible variant combination is listed on a row so you can add a surcharge, B2B Surcharge, weight amount, hide them or choose to display the surcharge. 
The first variant group to appear on each row is the highest in hierarchy, meaning it will be the first option which displays on the storefront for the visitor to choose from.

Variant Template

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