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Adding a Variant Group and Variants

Variant Group Name

A Variant Group is essentially the main title given to a range of available variants for a product, e.g. size or colour. To these you would add variants such as small, medium and large or the relevant colors blue, green etc. 

To create a Variant Group, click on the “New” button at the top of the page. Enter the group name in the field provided.

Display Type

Variants can be displayed in two ways on your storefront either as a drop down menu or as radio button options. You can also edit the variant group directly from the product edit page if you would like the display type to be different for a particular product.


Variant Name

Now that you have created the Variant Group you will see the options appear to add its variants. In the new field, enter your text (such as small, medium or large). 


Enter any additional costs associated with this variant (e.g. for larger sizes you may need to add an extra cost overall). You don’t need to insert currency symbols as this is automatic, If left blank then there will be no surcharge associated with this Variant. This field must be a number and can include a positive or negative amount. If the number is positive then it will add the surcharge to the base price of the item. If this number is negative, it will subtract it from the base price. Be sure to check the display surcharge box to the right if you want your customer to see the extra charge.

B2B Surcharge

This is the wholesale surcharge price you are offering but only for the variant just like you do for the base product when entering the B2B price. e.g. Retail surcharge might be $10 so B2B surcharge might be $7.


You can enter the additional weight of this variant to help accurately calculate shipping prices in the checkout. An example might be if you are selling bags of sugar. The base product might be 100grams but the variants have a heavier weight, so you must add the additional difference. i.e. base weight plus variant weight = total basket weight. In this way, the shipping price would increase based on the total weight. 


You can make a specific variant visible in the storefront by checking this box. Keep in mind this will be set as a template so every product you assign this variant group to, the variant will be visible.

Display Surcharge

Check the display surcharge box to the right if you want your customer to see the extra charge on the drop down variant list when they are selecting.

Adding multiple variants

Continue to click the + symbol at the end of each row to add a new variant name.


Don’t forget to save the new template at the bottom of the page when you are done.


If you are adding variants which may need a surcharge such as size, maybe a large shoe is more expensive than a small shoe, you may realise that each product in your store may require different surcharge amounts for their sizes. To fix this, just leave the surcharge fields blank in the variant template and instead change the surcharge when you are adding each product. 

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