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Where are your servers / hosting located?

Ashop's servers are located in the US with Rackspace.com (Regarded as the best in IT hosting). 

We have a cluster of dedicated servers (AKA Cloud hosting) with real-time back ups. The system requires an advanced set up using file servers, database servers, web servers and load balancers.

If you are questioning the location for SEO purposes, please note that the server location is no longer important for your local rankings

Search engines have come a long way in understanding the location of a web business without relying on such basic info as the IP location. Google, especially, is all about bringing the world together, so it is against their mission to penalize a site based on their hosting providers location.

Tips to help local search rankings
  1. Use your countries domain extension e.g. .co.uk OR .com.au
  2. Register the domain to your countries local address
  3. Use Google Maps to register your business location
  4. Your contact page should have a local address and phone number in text
  5. Get lots of back links from other locally ranked websites
  6. Use GEO meta tags supplied in your Admins SEO settings
  7. Write your address in your terms page
  8. Create a Google + business page
Any major search engine will use these tools to rank you on local searches.

If you are questioning the location for loading speed purposes, please note that Ashop uses a local content delivery network, so speeds around the world are the same as delivering directly from your own country.

You can usually optimise your websites loading speeds by reducing the size and number of images on your design. Try to minimise the number of Javascript codes used as well.

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