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How do I host my site with you but host my email somewhere else?

The below process only relates to domain names that have been fully delegated to us (i.e. the nameservers for the main domain are pointing to the nameservers as per 1) in the instructions here:http://helpconsole.ashop.com.au/display/HC/Domain+Names .

Step 1

First of all you should ensure all emails are downloaded to an email client / programme (eg. Outlook, Thunderbird) and that removing an email address will not effect your emails on your email client  / programme as your email will essentially be removed and reinstated using this process.

Step 2.

To host your domain through us, but have your emails hosted elsewhere, please use the instructions under the heading "Changing nameservers" on this page in your store administration panel: Settings>Email and Domain Management>Domain Names (click on Add new domain).

Step 3.

Once this is done, contact your email hosting company and ask them for the MX Records and A records. On your Ashop Administration Panel home page, use the "Open a New Support Ticket" function under the Support Tab to send those details along with your Store ID (Found at the top left of your administration panel) or visit us on Live Chat.

Our technical team will then add this for you. Normally this takes between 1-2 working days to do.

Important note:

Note that your order and support emails along with the newsletter marketing function may be rejected by some ISP's / spam programmes / firewalls if you use the above method. The reason for this is that the ISP / spam programmes / firewalls picks up that you are sending and email from a server (your mail hosting company) that doesn't host your main domain, which some organisations consider risky. This is particularly the case when recipients immediately forward their emails from the email address you originally send to. Unfortunately this is not something the Ashop team has any control over.

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