Hourly Sales Reports

Order reports by hour will display results on the grid listed by 24 hours. If you have chosen a date range over a number of days, it will combine the results over each hour.

The grid will display results using the following 3 column.

  1. Order time - The hour in which the following orders were made.
  2. Order Quantity - The total orders made for that hour over the searched date range.
  3. Total amount - The combined order value for each hour over the searched date range.

Date Selection

Offers a range of quick pick date ranges to select a report for. e.g. 7 days, last 30 days etc.

Start Date

A simple date picker to select the start date of the date range

End Date

A simple date picker to select the end date of the date range

Order status

Select from 7 different status folders to show sales from. NEW ORDERS, IN PROGRESS, READY TO SHIP, SHIPPED, COMPLETED, CANCELLED, DENIED. You can select to display orders from all 7 at once. Results for orders will be displayed from the status folder they are currently held in.

Payment status

Select one or all of the following 4, ALL, DECLINED, WAITING or FULL PAID. This will show the sales under each payment status.

Ordered by

If you have the B2B function enabled, you can select which group of customers have made these orders. i.e. you can filter order results to display only B2B sales or only B2C sales..


Sales by the hour

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