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Why have I been locked out of my email account?

First, be sure that your e-mail account limit has not been reached via your admin panel. Check your webmail emails to ensure no spam is blocking emails to you and delete them - purge your trash can.

The only reason you can be locked out of an e-mail account is if your email was being accessed from two different locations or programmes at once. This is a standard worldwide practice for your security.

If you are using an iphone or other mobile devices, to prevent this problem follow these three important tips:

1) Do not press the send/receive/get mail button on your device more than once as the device may send the second/multiple request from a different internet location while the first one is accessing it.
2) Never open two email locations at once and wait at least ten minutes before accessing your e-mail from another programme other than your device.
3) Restart your device and do not allow you mail programme to load before using another programme or location to access your e-mails.

Should you be locked out and the above tips have not worked, please contact support via live chat (or e-mail ticket support on weekends). However, please note resetting the lock can take up to 24 hours during weekdays and can only be done on weekdays. You can always access your emails via webmail

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