Add New Product Feed

Export product feeds to Third Party Shopping Engines and other related software.

The product feed tool will export customisable .xml, and .txt files for many third party softwares listed below:

XML Feeds

TXT Feeds


Ready integrations are available from your admin;

Step 1: Simply click on NEW to select the feed that you want

Step 2: Select Type allows you to choose either TXT or XML

Step 3: Select the Datafeed that you want from the dropdown

Step 4: Select the Host Name you want the feed to come from

Step 5. Select the "URL" or "Download" in the Link column that is provided for each shopping engine and enter it to your account held with that shopping engine.

Each shopping engine is different and will often require different formats and feed structures. This is why you can provide two types of formats as below;

  1. .XML - This method provides a permanent URL which will feed your product database in the structure you create. It means that any changes you make to any product, automatically updates to the feed in real-time. If a shopping engine supports this method then it's the preferred option as it's simply 'set and forget'.
  2. .TXT - Comma or Tab Delimited Text File. This is a downloadable spreadsheet which is also common to most software. It's a method which requires you to download from your admin and then upload to the shopping engine after each update to your products.

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