1. General Rules

Business Contact information

The following information should be posted to the website in an easy to see location:

  • A corporate address
  • Product return address
  • An e-mail address
  • A contact number

Big detailed pictures pay off

Just like in a physical retail shop, your customers want to really know what they are buying and need to see it close up. Make sure you are uploading images larger than just the detailed product view. Upload at least 500 X 500 pixels and up to 1000 X 1000 pixels for every product image so your customer can get a clear detailed view of what they plan to buy from you, otherwise, they will simply click away. Try to keep the file size under 100kb though as any larger will take the average user too long to load the image.


Do testimonials work? Can testimonials be rigged and seem unauthentic? Sure. It seems like most testimonials are generic. If you include the first and last name as well as possibly an email address or website of the testimonial, you will earn trust and credibility. Testimonials are an excellent way to convert your visitors to sales.


While a flashy site with neat graphics may catch someone's eye, well written, descriptive, persuasive text is the ticket to sales conversions... it's the difference between the prospective buyer exiting your site and opening their pocketbook. Avoid any annoying music and long loading flash movies on your main pages.

Only knowledgeable people should take phone calls

Consumers shopping online are no different than regular retail customers, they have questions about your product, your business and your delivery methods. It is important to greet any phone calls or emails with well trained staff who are knowledgeable about your company and products. The more your company can assist consumers, the better the conversion rates and repeat buying. Don't forget to cross sell and up-sell at this point!

Return policies should be easy and fair

A good return policy can promote trust in the buyer and multiple orders. It is important to include return labels with the packaging and provide refunds when requested. Repeat business is your best business. Provide them with your best customer service and they will reward you for it by ordering from your shopping cart- not someone else's. 


Make sure you maintain a simple navigation throughout your site. There should be no reason to steer customers more than two to three clicks deep within your site, the home page should always be only a click away. The clearer your site is presented, the more time customers can spend looking at all your products and info without getting frustrated. 

Be sure of your postal methods

Ever not received an item you ordered online and paid for upfront, only to find out no-one knows where it is? Ever received an item in the post only to open and see it damaged? This is one of the most frustrating things about buying online. Make sure you back yourself up with tracking codes and trustworthy shipping companies.

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