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Make It Count!

A method to inducing the first click is providing a strong call to action or incentive. By featuring discounts and free shipping offers, the offer may intrigue the user to commit another click.

Don't let them go

Once you have the prospective buyer "on the hook"… don't kill the sale with poorly written product descriptions. Nothing kills a sale quicker than a product that is as enthralling as reading the ingredients of a box of tofu. You have invested the time and effort to build your store; don't miss out on sales due to poorly worded product descriptions.

Being personable is also important. Instead of having the most exciting part of a television product description be it's "titanium silver color"… talk about how the consumer's home will be the place to come and watch the big game (on a screen so big you can see the sweat coming out of the players' pores). Speak about how the "picture in picture" capability means there will be no more flipping back and forth- saving the fingers precious energy for snatching up potato chips.

Do all you can to involve the person's emotions and senses into the product description. Sure, the technical stuff should be included, but put it at the bottom of the description.

Provide a strong reason for why they should buy

Ever see the phrase "buy from us" in an online store? This has to be one of the biggest turn off's to visitors. Consumers are fragile, you need to provide strong evidence to why anyone should buy from your store, this needs to be your POINT OF DIFFERENCE. 
Make your point of difference obvious, something which truly give someone a reason to look further into your products and proceed to the checkout. Simply telling them to buy for no particular reason apart from you wanting the sale is not good enough.... and they know it.

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