Add New Customer

This button will allow you to manually add a new customer to your database.

From here you can select options such as applying B2B (if activated), newsletter subscription and percentage discount. You can also write notes about this customer which only you can see.

Customer Specific Discounts
For some loyal customers of your site you may like to apply a percentage discount for all future purchases. Simply enter the amount of % discount you wish to apply to the customer in the box provided in the customer edit page and it will automatically apply the discount to the order subtotal for the customer during the checkout process. 

B2B Customer

This checkbox will only appear if you have this function is added to your store, talk to an Ashop representative to have this added.

Check the B2B box to activate a new member as a B2B/wholesale customer allowing them to see different prices when they log into your storefront with their username and password.


If you only fill in this B2B pricing field and no other, then this product will only show to a B2B marked customer when logged in.  Whereas, if you don’t have a B2B price in the field, then the product will show only the retail price to a logged in B2B customer.


Ticking this box will allow the customer to receive any newsletter you send out to the "customers" list.

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