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Add New or Edit a Brand

To add a new brand, you can click the ‘Add New Brand' button located on the top left menu panel of this page.
To edit an existing brand, locate it from the left menu and click on it. The edit options will appear on section to the right.


Start by entering the name/title in the box provided. This will form the title of the link on your storefront as well as part of the pages URL.

Brand Image

The brand image will display on your storefront when a visitor uses the filter box.

Make it Visible to

If you have the B2B function enabled, you can select which group of customers you want to display this page to. All others will not be able to view this page.


This allows the brands page to be online or offline in your storefront. A disabled brands page can still be viewed if you have the direct page address/URL.

Brand's Settings

When entering a new brand, you are presented with a rich text editor where you can place a detailed description of this brand including any pictures or links you wish to add. This will appear at the top of all products entered in this brand. 

Meta Tags

Provide information such as who created the page, how often it is updated, what the page is about, and which keywords represent the page's content.


This an optional field allowing you to give this individual page a 'Meta' description. If left blank it will automatically use the site's description which you can enter under the settings menu in "store settings". This can be useful for search engine optimisation as you can tailor a pages description to it's specific content as oppose to the site wide content. Optimal length is 160 characters.


This is an optional field allowing you to give this individual page 'Meta' keywords. Any keywords entered here should be specific for this page, there is no need to repeat any keywords used in the site wide 'Meta' keyword list which is located in your store settings page. Keywords should be separated by a comma e.g. shopping, ecommerce, buy.

Storefront Page URL

This is the storefront URL of your brands page. If you add this to the end of your domain name, it will send you to the actual brands page on your storefront that a customer would see. THIS IS NOT EDITABLE, this is only for convenience purposes when adding hyperlinks etc.


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