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Metric Details

The detailed metrics page gives you an in depth look at your selected metric over your selected time frame. e.g 7 days, 30 days etc etc.

It also provides a time comparison to help you track if your metric is increasing or decreasing.


The below example uses the "sales" metric to explain how each one works.


Date range

Use the date range to select the time period you would like to be analysing.

Over time comparison

The report will automatically build a comparison of the current selected time frame to the previous time frame. e.g. the previous 7 days or month. This is to give you feedback on how your sales are progressing i.e increasing or decreasing.

This is where the six stats boxes come in. They give you a quick summary of your sales for the selected times frame with the minimum, maximum and average sale value. It then provides the comparison the the previous period and then a final percentage of how are it has increased or decreased. e.g 8.87% decrease this month compared to last months sales.


The line graph is a visual display of your sales tracked over your selected time frame. e.g If you selected 30 days, then it shows each day's sales value. Hover your mouse over each day to see the exact value.

The blue line represents your current selected time frame. The green line represents the previous comparison time frame.

Dig Deeper



The "Dig Deeper" tool gives you the ability to understand how segments of your store as well as external platforms and sources are tracking for your selected time frame. For example, selecting "products" gives you the current and previous sales value, then tells you the percentage change. You definitely want to see an increase each month in all your metrics as it will represent more sales and more profit.

Watch our tutorial movie:

Using Metrics

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