Custom Menu Widget


The title will appear on the Custom Menu widget header in your storefront. It can also be edited from the themes editor under the "widgets" tab.


Tick the checkboxes to enable this widget to be used within each page type. e.g. ticking the "Content Pages" box will enable this widget to be viewed from any content page. If it is unticked, the widget will not appear within this section in any content pages.


Menu Items Type

Create custom menus using links from any system, category, brand, content page in your store. You can also create a custom URL within the menu.

To add a link to the custom menu, first select the page type from the tabs, e.g. system categories, brands etc. The available page titles will appear in the field below. You can either double click on a title to add it or click once and use the "Add item" button between the fields. Once the page title appears in the right field, it is now on the custom menu.

To create a custom URL there are two fields, the URL (enter the full page address you wish to link to) and the Link Text (Enter the text which visitors must click on to go to that page).

Above the right hand field there are three buttons;

  • Add Item - Creates a new top menu link which other pages can be placed under. e.g. Submenu title can be "Hats" and page links underneath can be "large Hats", "Small Hats" etc. Sub Menu's cannot be placed under any other page links, they are only used to create a new menu title for other page links to go under.
  • Edit Title/Link- Select a menu item from the tree and then click the "Edit Title" button to change it's name.
  • Remove - Select a menu item from the tree and then click the "Remove" button to delete it from your selected menu items.

Add / Cancel

After clicking the "Add" button, you must still click the "Save" button from the Theme Designer page to apply changes.

Edit Custom Menu Page

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