The shopping cart software is made up of two parts. The FRONT END STOREFRONT, which is what each and every visitor will see visiting your store on your own domain name and the BACK END ADMINISTRATION area, which is created for the owner of the store only (the merchant). No-one else can access this admin panel unless you provide them with your access details.

Your admin panel is held under a high level of security to ensure your customers and your own data is kept safe at all times. Keep your login info secure and change them regularly, just in case. Be aware that although your admin is secure, your own computer, online chat or emails may not be.

Question and Answers

Q) What browsers can I use in the Ashop Admin panel?
A) The admin panel and it's features are designed to work with any up to date mainstream browser. Some examples are Internet Explorer (9+), FireFox, Safari, Opera and Chrome.

Q) What browsers can visitors use to see my storefront?
A) Your storefront can be viewed equally by any browser since it is built according to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards. Only a browser using non standard codes to translate your storefront in a different way to the standard may display slight differences in design which you will most likely not even notice.


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