Email Accounts

You can add your email accounts as long as you have delegated your domain name using the correct nameservers in your domain registries admin panel, then have added the domain name to the domain names section and ticked the "Add to DNS server" checkbox. Additional email accounts can be purchased from the "My Account" section in your admin panel.


Your domain name will not successfully added to your admin if your delegation has not completed. i.e. it may take at least 3 hours to update after your nameservers are changed. Please try an hour later if you receive a failure notice.

Click the “New” button on the top of the page to generate a new email account. In the first field just enter the start of your email name e.g. info, then select which domain name to end the email name with from the drop down menu directly after. Then provide the password, If you tick the ‘catch all unknown’ box you will receive all emails ending with your domain name even if the spelling was wrong for the beginning. Now save. (we recommend not using the catch all due to spam)

This new email will create a webmail account ( which you can also use to download to your email program such as Outlook.

If you activate the "Forward all?" option by ticking the checkbox and entering an email in the "Forward to email' field, this means that all your emails received to this account will be automatically forwarded to the email you entered. Note: No emails will be stored on our system, once they are forwarded, they are deleted.

The Auto Responder field will automatically reply to any inbound email with the text you enter to this field. It is often used to indicate you are on holidays and will reply later. You will still receive the inbound email as normal.

New Email Account Set Up Page

Q) How many e-mail accounts can I create?
A) Each plan has an allocated number of email accounts you can create. More email accounts can be purchased from your "my account" section in your admin panel.

Q) What is my e-mail quota?
A) The standard email box maximum limit is 100MB in total. This is calculated over each individual email account.

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Setting up email


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