Domestic Tax Options

Default Tax Group Title

Allocate a name for this tax group. E.g. “Tax” or “VAT” or “GST, this will be displayed in the checkout to the customer where the price and tax breakdown is shown. From the themes editor you can also select to display this title next to the price as inclusive or exclusive of tax.

Default Domestic Tax Percentage

Enter the percentage tax increase or breakdown percentage to be associated for this group of states or countries. The percentage you enter here will automatically calculate and add or include the tax cost to the customers purchase during the checkout.

Prices are Including Tax

By ticking this checkbox your store prices will be shown as including tax and the tax breakdown will be displayed clearly to the customer in the checkout whilst still being charged as the final price.

If this is unchecked then the percentage tax entered will be added to the sale price during the checkout after shipping is added.

Tax Editor

Questions and Answers

Q) Can I give different tax percentage for different products?
A) No but you can have each product set to either be free from tax calculations in the checkout or be included.

Q) Will shipping price show TAX, GST or VAT?
A) Yes, in the checkout, order confirmation and your admin order details page the Tax percentage is calculated including the shipping.


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Using the tax editor

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