The sections area on the graphical representation of the store to the right in your theme editor controls the properties and colors of all the different sections in your storefront design/layout.

There are eight (8) numbered sections plus the header, left column, right column, centre and footer sections which you can edit colors, padding, borders, backgrounds and combined widget settings within.

Adjust the Sections area after you have completed the Themes to the left. It will help to build a more consistent design changing entire sections rather than individual widgets.



From all sections, you have style settings ranging from the following:

  • Background Colour - Controls the chosen section full background colour
  • Background Image - Uploads a background image to selected section above.
  • Background Repeat - Uses the uploaded background image to repeat on x or y axis.
  • Background Position - This allows you to place the background image where you want it.
  • Section Padding - Defines an overall padding in pixels between the widgets and the section border within this section

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