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Layout Title

Choose a relevant title for the layout.

Show Widgets In

Select the page(s) you want the widget to appear in.

Left Column

The left column is typically used for the Categories and/or Brands menu. This makes your site more easily navigated by customers.

Right Column

The right column is typically used for more widgets such as the shopping basket, newsletter, best sellers, members etc.


The center section is used to display product lists and product details.

Section 1

A great place to add your shopping basket as it is easily seen from all pages.

Section 2

Often used to place a top menu bar. The top menu can be made up of any category, brand, content page or custom link in your store.

Section 3 - 8

A range of different widgets can be placed here. What you choose is personal and more about fitting with your own content and design.

Page Section

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