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Since the advent of ecommerce and Web 2.0 technology, many individuals and organizations have made continual efforts towards strengthening their online presence. By leveraging unique ways of making money on the web, millions of new websites, blogs, and forums are born each day, glutted with relevant content to lure visitors and attract advertisers on their site.

Those earning sizeable profits already realize the need to understand their users’, not to forget, their browsing patterns and behavior, in order to enhance their website rankings and earnings respectively.
It is simply impossible to get repeat visitors, unless one carefully analyzes the marketing factors that drive such visitors onto a website. What keywords do they enter on search engines to reach on a desired page? Which sites do they come from? How much time do they spend on the site? Which page do they spend the most time on? Such information if readily available to a site owner can drastically aid in improving the site content and its usability.

Enter web analytics and almost all your concerns are put to rest immediately. Web analytics tools have become popular in recent times, owing to its ability to generate more profit and faster online growth. These tools if used properly fully justify your advertising investments, and addresses important business questions related to market segmentation and web design.

So there, how do you connect these tools with your shopping cart? One way, although not the preferred one, could be to contact your Internet service provider. Such tools are few and far between, rarely achieving anything more than tracking site hits or unique site visitors. However, for a true analysis, you need a web analytics tool that qualifies the site traffic by segmentation. An efficient web analytics tool would drive your decision by rendering valuable statistics like, "keywords that brought visitors who stayed longer than 10 seconds" or "referring sites that brought visitors that made it to my goal page" and so on.

A simple search on the Internet by the string “Web Analytics Tools” will throw up dozen of excellent vendors vying for your business. For instance, Google offers its Analytics tool for free, while other leading tools, include, ClickTracks, IndexTools, Omniture, WebSideStory, WebTrends and Unica. These tools not only measure, but analyze the behavior of website visitors, by rendering store owners a valuable insight into the performance of their shopping cart.

Finally, web analytics tools are here to stay so long as your objective is to improve your marketing results online. And it wouldn't take you long to discover better ads, marketing initiatives, and higher-converting websites.

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