Initially widgets can be found on the design image to the right of the Theme Designer page.

To Add a new widget:

Simply hover over any Section (e.g. Left Column, Right Column, Sections 2 (as in the image below) and click the Add button. Select the widget you want to add:


When you select Add, all the available available settings for that widget will be shown:


Editing Style and Content of Widgets

You can edit the style and content by hovering over the heading area of the widget in the graphical interface on the right and clicking on the pencil / pen image. You can also delete and drag and drop in this area:


If a page type is not selected, it will not show on the graphical interface for that corresponding page type:



For more detailed widget settings you can use the "Widget Design" feature in this design editor as you can then control the CSS settings for widget design.

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