Text Field Widget


The title will appear on the Text Field widget header in your storefront. It can also be edited from the themes editor under the "widgets" tab.


Enables or Disables the Text Field widget from from storefront.

Show in

Tick the checkboxes to enable this widget to be used within each page type. e.g. ticking the "Content Pages" box will enable this widget to be viewed from any content page. If it is unticked, the widget will not appear within this section in any content pages.


Text fields are 100% customizable widgets you can use to place any image, text, flash etc anywhere in your store that a widget will go. It uses a WYSIWYG editor to build content.

Keep in mind, the height and width of the content in this widget will also effect your storefront, so think about the dimensions of where the widget will be placed before uploaded content to the editor.

Add / Cancel

After clicking the "Add" button, you must still click the "Save" button from the Widget Layouts page to apply changes. 

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