Themes Grid

The themes grid is used to list all the available "ready made" and "custom made" themes available for you to choose.

Each image manages a single theme.

Theme Header

The name of the 'ready made' or 'custom made' theme you would like to select is above the image.

Image Preview 

This is a preview of the theme. Click on the image to enter the theme


Identifies which theme is online at the current time. The Default theme is the theme that is currently active. To change the online theme, click on the "Set as Default" button for the new theme you want to change to and it will turn grey and read "Default Theme".

Edit Button   

This has the same effect as clicking on the preview image. It will allow you to enter the theme to edit it.

Clone Button  

This allows to to create a copy of the theme original. It's a good idea to do this while you create your theme so that you can see how a theme was before you make a change. You should also clone your widget design, product listing design and product detail page design so that you have copies of the inside pages.

Delete Button  

The delete button allows you to delete the theme. Be sure you have a theme set as default if you want your site to be seen!



Keep copies of the following areas before you make changes if you want the ability to go back to your previous designs:

1) Themes

2) Widget Design

3) Product Listing Design

4) Product Detail Page Design

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