Gift Certificate Details

Enter the display title of the certificate which will show on your storefront to the visitors in the same way a product listing does.

Product Code (SKU)

The SKU is the product code you have entered for each product and variant. 

Listing Description
Enter the certificates short description to be seen directly under the title. This also doubles as the pages description meta tag for search engines. 160 characters recommended.

These are meta tag keywords used for some search engines. 250 Characters recommended, separated by comma and then space.

Our Price
The actual selling price of this certificate. This will also translate to the redeemable amount of this certificate.

Sold Gift Certificates
Click the available button to display a complete list of all sold Gift Certificates. The list will appear with both used and unused certificates, which can be manually changed if required. Use the drop down menu at the top of the page to filter between used and unused certificate codes.

Months to Expire

Select the expiry period.

Write your detailed description of this certificate here. This description will commonly be displayed under the main product image.

 Gift Certificate Details


Available Categories
Select one or multiple categories you wish for this certificate to be displayed under in your storefront by ticking the associated box. Each selection will appear in the field to the right. 

Selected Categories
Lists the selected categories the certificate will be displayed under.



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