User Management

The user management section is for creating multi-level admin access. This is generally used for permitting access to certain admin areas to certain staff members only. For example; You, as the boss, will have access to all areas of the admin, whereas you may only want your staff to access the inventory sections and deny any access to billing or layout.

Another general purpose is to change passwords from the default provided one for the administrator of an account.

The first step is to create a new user by clicking on the green “New” button you will see on the top of the page.

User Name

The user name will form part of the store admin access along with the password.


Used to access the store admin for their account. This section can also be used to change the password of the default user.


Measures the strength of this password. A strong password should be minimum 8 characters long, have at least one Capital, lower case and a number


A nickname is the display name for this user. It will appear on modules such as the LiveChat.


Users email address. Used for password resets and future modules.


Enable or disable access for this user.

User Permissions

A checkbox is provided next to each section of the store admin which a user can gain access to. Tick the boxes of any section you would like this user to access. ticking the main section will automatically select all related sub-sections.

Click save to create this user. Now you can provide the new user with there own specific admin log in details.

You can view/edit all user accounts which have previously been created from the left panel 

User Setting

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