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Category Edit Page Structure

The category edit page is managed via the category tree on the left menu panel. It will display all your storefronts main and subcategories so you can easily select to edit their settings and even move them to a new position.

Changing the Position of a Category (Drag and Drop)

This easy to use feature allows you to literally grab and move any main or subcategory to a new position in the tree. This includes the change of a subcategory to a main and visa versa.
To do this, left click on a category title and hold, then move your mouse to the desired new position marked by a line and release. To change a category to be a subcategory, drag the title directly over the desired main category title until it is highlighted and drop. You will then see it listed as a subcategory below the main category you had selected.

 Displays the movement of a main category to a subcategory using drag and drop 



If you choose to delete a category, you will need to break the relationships of any products within this category. Once a category is deleted, every product that was once attached to this category must be reset to a new category before they are seen again. Delete categories with extreme caution!

Sort Order 

This will control the order in which your categories are displayed on the storefront. Control sort order either via the buttons at the base of the category tree or by the drag and drop method.


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