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The Detailed Order View page is accessed by clicking any order code in any of the orders from the grid page.

Detailed Order View


Order code

This is this orders unique identifying code. It is used to search and to index this order in the system. It cannot be changed.

Invoice number

This is an editable number you can enter to provide your own invoice number for printing this order's invoice. Invoices are printable from the grid page by ticking the checkbox of required order and pressing the "Print Invoices for selected orders" button at the end of the list.

Order Status Drop-Down Menu

Use this menu to assign one of the seven status settings to an order. Once you click save, it will be moved into the appropriate Order Status Folder and normal actions applied i.e. possibly an email sent to customer or stock levels updated. Please see the status folders for more information on these actions.

Payment Status

Use this drop down menu to select if the customer has paid the amount due or if you are waiting for payment or if their credit card was denied when processing manually. The drop down menu will not appear if the customer has paid during the checkout process, it will automatically display as "Paid in full".
Note: For shipped orders, the date of when you have placed this order in the shipped status folder will be marked on the right side of the shipped status drop down bar.

Customers Email

This is the email address your customer has entered during the checkout process. A "Send mail" button is conveniently placed here so you can send an email directly without opening your mail client. It will send via your "support" email listed in the store settings.

Customer ID

This is an automatically applied number for your customer so they can be tracked in the system regardless of a name change. It is used along with other features. You can click on the Customer ID to open up the View / Edit Customer information box, which gives you a quick overview of the customer details and their current and past orders.

IP Address

This is your customers IP address which is an identifying address provided by their internet provider. It is used to track their location. This may not display if the customer is viewing your site via a proxy.


This may display a URL of the website your customer was on directly before they landed on your site and purchased.


Shipping Method

This will show information about the shipping choice that was selected by the customer during checkout.

Shipping Tracking Number

Here you can enter a tracking number for a shipped order, this will appear in the confirmation email sent to the customer when you set the status of this order to SHIPPED.

Payment Type

This area shows what payment method was used for the order. If your payment method supports it, a Response Message may show in this area. This provides information on the response we have received from your payment provider. This area can be particularly useful when determining why an order has been declined.


Your shopping cart is integrated with MaxmindTM fraud protection software.  For a small monthly fee you can have all your orders automatically checked. A graph will appear displaying what level of fraud this order scored, you can then click on more details to view an extra full page of more detailed information.


Customer Shipping Note

The message you enter in this field will be added to the "shipped order" email notification and sent when the status of an order is changed to SHIPPED.

Previous Notes

Your "Notes About This Order" will be listed in a grid format for keeping historical data about this order. Date, time and the note will be listed on each row for easy reference.

 About This Order

Enter any special notes you need to keep about this order. The notes will save and list with date stamps for your own future reference. The customer will not see these notes. 


Address information can be edited in full. To edit details click on the "edit" button and be sure to save the pop-up box and the full order.

Edit order addresses 

Shipping Address Information

This contains the customers shipping details for this order. 

Billing Address

This contains the customers billing address as it may be separate from the shipping address in case of sending presents. This address will appear on the invoice.

The Price Modification can be changed accordingly.

Price modification

Custom Checkout Fields

In your store settings, there are optional forms which can be customised to gather additional information from a customer during the order process. Options such as text fields, checkboxes, date fields etc can be used to retrieve valuable information. The results for these fields are displayed in this section with each row containing one answer to a field you placed to your checkout.

Product Information

This will display the products name, SKU, price, any variants and quantity of each item ordered.


If you hover your mouse over the image under the Image column you can see the relevant image for the product.

Questions and Answers

Q) I didn’t get my order confirmation e-mail but I saw from my payment gateway admin that the customer has actually paid. How does this happen?
A) The email system is made so that it either works for everyone or doesn't work for everyone. If you are specifically not getting these emails then it is usually due to your email account or possibly a mistype of your email address in the store settings in your admin panel. If the problem persists after a few orders then please contact a representative.

Q) How does Changing the status of an order affect stock levels of the products in an order?
A) Stock Management Between Folders is managed as follows;

Please be mindful when transferring orders between statuses as this can affect stock levels. The following are the stock rules in place between status folders.

Positive folders = New order, In progress, ready to ship, shipped, completed

1. When moving order from cancelled folder to positive folders, stock is reduced.
2. When moving order from Denied folder to cancelled and all positive folders, stock is not affected. (This is because a denied payment order is placed here and does not affect stock levels when placed)
3. When moving order from positive folder to Cancelled and Denied folders, stock is added.
4. When moving order from cancelled folder to Denied folder, stock is not affected.

 The same customer placed exactly the same 2 orders. One is waiting, one is full paid what should I do?
A) This generally means that the order with payment status as waiting was not completed and the customer has returned to complete a new order at a separate time. It's best to always contact the customer to make sure but you should check your bank to see how many transactions were process as well.

Q) Can I customise my order and shipped emails?
A) Yes, from the settings menu in your admin, select store settings, Order Email & Invoice Settings (on the left). From there you can edit the email notes field for the various emails that can be sent to your customers.


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