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Add New or Edit a QTY Discount Template

QTY Discount Template Title

A Discount Group name is what you as the store owner will classify certain quantity discount variables as. E.g. “Furniture” or “Electrical” or “Group A” or “Small Items” or Low Margin Items”. These group names will be used so you can identify the quantity discounts you wish to apply to a certain product in your store.

Applicable To

You can select to offer this quantity discount to only "All customers", "B2B customers" or "B2C customers"

Discount Type

You can create this discount to calculate a by either percentage or currency value. e.g. when customer buys more than 3 of this product, deduct 10% off the product price or $5, £5, €5 etc off the product price.

Include Variant Surcharge
Ticking this box will apply the discount rate you will create below to the variant surcharge values you set for each product. e.g. If you have a product for $100 and a variant with a surcharge adding $10 to the purchase price TOTAL = $110, by ticking this box you will also apply the quantity discount to that variants surcharge, so the quantity discount will now be calculated over $110.

Discounts Brackets

Once you have created the initial Discount settings you need to add the variables in the provided fields. First enter your Minimum Order number value. E.g. “3” and your Maximum Order number value. E.g. “5”. Then enter the discount percentage or amount for these values. E.g. 10% discount, or $5, £5, €5 etc discount. The first minimum order value must start with the minimum number of items the customer must add before the discount is applied. i.e. starting at 0 or 1 means that the customer will receive the discount when only one item is added to the basket. 
All subsequent minimum order values must be one number higher than the previous maximum order value. e.g. if the last maximum order value is 5, then the next lines minimum order value must be 6.

So the final result for creating this discount group and applying it to a product will be, “If a customer purchases between 3 to 5 of this product I will give them a 10% discount.”


QTY discounts are calculated on the item value and surcharge value (if selected), they are not calculated on the basket total.
e.g. a $10 discount will deduct $10 per item, not $10 off the total basket value. 



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