Questions and Answers

Q) What does SEO stand for?
A) Search Engine Optimisation

Q) What does SEO do?
A) The art of SEO is about gaining high rankings on search engines so your site can be found by keywords customers are using to try and find you. The most important part of SEO is to build inbound links from quality sites, this allows search engines like Google to see that your site is popular and rank you better. The second part is to SEO is the on page optimisation, this involves adjusting the keywords placement density, linking and format to name a few. This will help search engine analyse your site easier and understand what keywords are most important in your site.

Q) Once my site is submitted, How long does it take to be indexed?
A) There is no definite answer to this as it's up to each individual search engine and their algorithms. SEO takes time to work. the submission process can take 2 months for directories to list you in their pages, then a few weeks for search engines to see the links and then index all the pages in your site. Your home page can be listed within weeks but all your pages may take a month or two to be fully indexed. Then your rankings will continuously grow each month.

Q) How can I use the Google verification code and Sitemap?
A) Click here for instructions Do not use special characters like { }, ^, #, etc in your store as this can cause errors in the sitemap upload. these characters will be included in the URL when written in the titles and this causes errors in Sitemaps.

Q) What are Natural Rankings
A) Natural search engine rankings is when sites are ranked in a search engine by the search engine spiders or bots indexing your content and inbound links. They then rank you in order of comparative sites for the same keywords. This is a free service by search engines.

Q) What are Pay Per Click ads?
A) These are paid ads generally found in search engines like Google and Yahoo. The advertiser must pay a fee based on the popularity of a keyword as compared to other advertisers. For example. To rank for the keyword "dog" the first ranking may cost $2 and the 10th ranking may cost $0.50c

Q) Can I submit the same shop with more than one domain name?
A) You can but in general when you are trying to optimise the same site with different domains it significantly reduces the overal rankings of all domains.

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