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Shipping Options Import/Export

May 07, 2014
Tami wrote
I was just wondering if importing/exporting shipping options might be a possibility in the future. As we service customers nation wide through various branches and shipping methods, this would be VERY useful.

Also...if the "description" field could be extended so that I don't receive errors when saving options that would be useful as well. When I note suburbs that are "exceptions" i tend to run out of room and therefore have to set up multiple "options" in the system for the same thing, so that I can break the suburbs across 2+ "options" so that they are able to save properly. Pain in the you know what really.....
1 Answer
May 07, 2014
Kevin agent wrote
Hi Tami,

Thanks for the questions. We'll check with these with the development team and come back to you.

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